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life. [Jan. 9th, 2007|12:29 am]
its kinda funny how life sucks so bad. sometimes. and if you are lucky you find someone that makes you happy sucking at life.

i dont know what has been happening to me lately.
im bitchy to people.
im tired.
i have cried!!!!!!!

its crazzzzzy man. just sad about denis. moving out of the house. we went through mimi's stuff. well some of it. a small portion. tori summed it up with "we aren't supposed to do this untill we are all grown up." its so true. i got some bears. and some jewery. its just tooo weird for me to be there. but whats weirder then being there is never being able to really go back.

so much of my life was spent there. with her.

work is work.

brendan and i got into a semi-fight/annoyance with each other today.
but then we made up. and it was the best.

and my room is finally done. unpacked. completly here.
i miss my friends from school.

im driving up to brendans swim meet tomorrow with erin. its near uconn.

my car radiator got a crack in it. so my dad is ghetto fixing it which is just fine by me.
im working sweet hours at the daycare this week. 8-230. wed. i have to go to the gyno... ewh. and take amath placement exam. and go into work for an hour... and then have lunch with BEN.

so excited.
i miss brendan.

its late and my laundry is not done yet. ewh.

tomorrow=good day
wednesday=good/bad day
thursday=good day
friday= work all day/party all night day

just a few more days then its the weekend again.
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and i ask.... [Jan. 4th, 2007|01:25 am]
[mood |tiredtired]

I heart windsor and its "safe-ness"
It will always be just how i left it.

But I think thats a bad thing sometimes. Because really, i feel like i should still be at whs. and i find myself drawn to high school things. like this desire to go to whs any day that i dont have work, or like talking/befriending marry dalaney at work just to try to pry whs gossip out of her. (there was afight today btw) its just weird to be back here and not go there. and when i go back there i feel like i should be getting to class. and it also scares me.... no one notices im there. i mean seriously. i was in a lunch today and many security gaurds walked past and ms. shutz came by like 3 times and no onw said a word to me. do they just let anyone into the school these days.
but anyways, i need toget back to school. i need to sign up for classes...


i need to finish unpacking all my shit from school. yeah.

i need to keep going to the barn, and i am worried now that i am going to work all day the next two days that rodney is going to get pushed aside for brendan and other things. its really not fair to him.

does everyone remeber when thats all i did was horses... and me not going to the barn for 2 days straight was torture??? yeah. well i do.

what happend to me.
guess everyone has to grow up sometime.
but i will get there. plenty of time for brendan and others after rodney i suppose.


ps. where the hell is sarah. 10 bucks she never talks to me again
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oh to the lj... [Dec. 1st, 2006|10:48 am]
wow. my last post... so priceless.

and the ones before that...
also priceless.

namely- me being head over heals for Dakota...
me fooling around with mike. i actually kinda feel bad about pulling him around for so long and then like changing my mind like 5 different times... but then i remeber the rest of the story after i stopped posting and i dont. lol. And hahah "this kid name dewayne came up and told me he liked me.." i so remeber that.

surprisingly didnt write anything about brendan, hmmm. that must have started up shortly there after.

so much has changed since then.
its weird. my life seemed so simple. lol.

i got into central.
im leaving ohio in 14 days.
it so weird.
everything is moving fast.

i found out this vaca i have like so many true friends here. and not there.
its safe to say some of my girls let me down this vaca. but hey! whatever right! right!!!!

thanks erin for sucking my back into this lj thing.

it was my 6 month anaversery yesterday.
go me! i mean... go us! lol.

christmas is so close.
i can taste it.

p.p.s. i love nelly furtado and her new cd.
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A trio of men... [Apr. 10th, 2006|07:07 pm]
So yeah just got back from band trip 06' and it was the most fun i have ever had with windsor people. as much as i thought it was going to blow- it was that good. so many interesting things happend namely with my love life. Mike was there of course so we chilled for a bit- well i was fine untill i witnessed laura and keith making out/cuddling for like 10 hours- i mean i only have so much controll- oh and my jelous side kicked in so much when mike was sitting with lane's gf and i thought that they were like cuddling and such- when really it was just him "sleeping" so i wanted to see how fast i could get him so the next stop i told him to come back with me- and he was like ok.. so we chilled- nothing much happend except for an arm around the shoulder a hand holding- so then i was like whateve- and victoria was like casey what are you doing... and i was more confused then ever. so then friday i pretty much gave him the slip and had fun with alex and victoria telling "hypothetical" conversations which was good because he hypathedically appoligized for pulling me around with the whole date thing. so saturday rolls around and i walked with mike on the beach- just walking and talking and again victoria was like casey what are you doing... and i was like i dont know- so then we went to ana musement park and i surprized myself with the rides i went on- and then we run into mike who was getting on the log ride when we were getting off so i make the whole group wait for him and then he FAMS ME SO BAD!!!! and then i was mad at him for embarrsing me and then he found us at lunch and scarfed his food and ran after me- so after some gravelling, some purchasing and showing his fish catching ablity resulting in a prize i forgave him. that night when we went back to the hotel i talked ot dakota for an hour... then we went to Dixi Stampeed which was good. and we won the Espree De Cor award which was cool- sundy we came home- i talked to D again for a bit and i swear mike was sooo attentive- he was like there- all the time. but so anyways i dont know where that is going- so then we got home. and our good bye was so funny.. i walked over to him after i got my stuff and he put his arm around me and then i saw my mom and so i turned to give him a hug good night and then he sooo wanted to kiss me and i probabley would have let him if not for my mom being about 25 ft away. so i guess i famed him with the goodbye. so today in school something else weird happend. this kid dawane told me he likes me so i was kinda surprised with that- so i dont know i have 3 guys and i dont know what i want

ok g2g the barn
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its been a little while... [Mar. 27th, 2006|07:43 pm]
so much has been going on...

there was a lot of drama friday night with mike and tori and me...
but im glad everything happend and turned out ok...

then saturday dakota and his mom and her two friends (one was a BITCH) came over. me and dakota and his mom ended up staying up really late untill 4 am talking... hahah mostly flirting and talking about how much of a bitch lauren was hahah... pillow fights and hitting also went on- lol over his mom!! lol to most akward to me not so much! so yeah.. i guess he was sick before hand and they almost ended up bringing him home but his mom was like "oh casey will be disapointed" and he said that he was fine.. so yeah sunday he deff. didnt feel so hot.. he slept in the car the whole banquet and i guess slept all the way home and all night and untill 1:30 this afternoon- and then he was awake but not geting up because he said that he was so dizzy he couldnt walk so ... yeah not fun and i feel bad but happy bc i guess he cared enough to come down even wheb he was sick... i proceeded to come home and "end" things with mike bc i am a one man type of woman so yeah plus i just wasnt feeling it anyways... poor mike... but what can i say i guess my heart is just in Dakota
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So I am a lurker [Feb. 19th, 2006|06:47 pm]
I have finally found time to share some pictures with you guys!!! They are of my 2005 show season! YAY! only 45 more days till my first show in North Carlina! anyways- the bay is Rodney my all around horse and the other is Benn my Gamer! hope all this works!

My appys!!Collapse )
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(no subject) [Feb. 19th, 2006|06:45 pm]
a test

my lifeCollapse )
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(no subject) [Jan. 6th, 2006|12:55 pm]
Corey Mazun has a heart!
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clean clean [Dec. 30th, 2005|01:12 pm]
so yeah... turned 18 yesterday. had my first "drink" it was good. went out to supper at bugaboo creek- it was good, and then went to brits house till like 12am. we watched the second disk of veronica mars. yeah. so today i am cleaning for the party. then at 5 i am going to the hockey game- then maybe the coffee bar with however shows up at the game. brittany is coming too- then we are going to watch vm again!! haha at my house afterward bc my mom is getting pissed with me staying out till 12 everynight.. and plus her sister is a bitch and shes getting tired of getting kicked out of the tv room everynight. so it works booth ways. so that should be fun. then tomarrow is my party. it should be a fair time. about 12 people are coming. Sarah, Casey, Erin, Kirstin, Christine, Brittany, Victoria, Amanda, Rebeccah, Alex, Mike, Zaike. Which should be a good group. I havnt heard back form a bunch of kids so i think that it is safe to assume that they are not coming (Darryl, amanda, julian, theresa, jena) so who knows who will show and who wont! ok my breaks over must continue the over hall!
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The "Date"? [Dec. 27th, 2005|11:23 pm]
[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

So I almost got ditched... but thats okay because we went on a date anyways... So is it a date or not?


He paid
He held the doors
Good convo
shared ice cream
won a friendly bet
 Lots of "accidental" touching

No kiss eveb tho there was atleast 3 opprotunities!!!

Im thinking date-but we will see how he is in school tomarrow!
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