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Hey... [Sep. 20th, 2005|06:33 pm]
I dono... I guess i should post b/c Its my journal...

I want Austin...
I want to graduate
I want to figure out my future
I want a boyfriend
I want Francios to stop stalking me when he has a GF!
I want to go to maryland this weekend
I want to go to pennsylvaina next weeknd
I want to go to NJ the weekend after that
I want to finish my superior so that i can yell at Austin
I want to go to sleep
I want to finsh my book
I want Austin...

I dono, I guess Im just feeling weird. I miss my HS friends... i love my friends at school.. I really have no compants there...

I liked talking to Kelly, we are giving each other therapy!

my mom asked me if i was depressed today!! it made me laugh... she was suspicious because I went to bed early last night... But I was just up there reading untill like 8 30 then spaced out, thinking. I probabley went to bed about 9... Funny parents. I really want Austin... I have NEVER felt this way before. I hope I can go to Maryland... then at least I will him 2X before He moves... I miss the kid. andhe cant call till like 7 30 or some shit like that b/c of his stupid cell phone. I want to hear his voice now.

I took erins advice to get Francios off my back.
It was so perfect... He turns to me and is like whats the date? so i wip out my agenda and look for the date... thus having to turn the page w/ austins pic in it. and i was all slick and like oh i dont want him to see the pic so i tried to move it away but UNFORTUNATLY he saw. and was like OHHHhhh Casey has a bf... I didnt say much... but he was like you didnt tell me you had a bf.. and im like you never asked... SHHHhhh dont tell him hes only my random hook up guy... LOL but n e ways i was like well do u hav a gf and he was like yea, she lives in West Hartford.. IM LIKE WTF how can you sit here flirt with me EVERYDAY and txt msg me and all this and that and have a gf.. i was soo.. I dono, but now i will return to my thinking about Austin and his hotness.

[User Picture]From: shadowrunner923
2005-09-20 11:32 pm (UTC)

*drops microphone*
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