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The first horrible day of atleast 3 - appzrock1 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The first horrible day of atleast 3 [Nov. 14th, 2005|12:56 pm]
Yeah… so wow. Today is going to be hell. School was fine other then the absence of Sarah in my life. I spent one period in the computer lab and two in the library… so I guess quiet an easy day. Got my two projects done. But I do have homework today which is so stupid!!! Hmm.. wonder what time I will get home from the barn… I hope no later then 10:30 but I guess it will depend on what time I get out of work… but maybe they wont let me work because I don’t have any working papers! Well I might, I have to check to see if I got the letter of employment from them in the mail.. then i can run back and see if Ms. DeGata will give me working papers… So… At 2 :10 I have to run my brother to his job… then I have to go check the mail box… if I got the letter then I have to run back to school get working papers, if I don’t get the letters then I am going to chill for like 15 min and eat lunch because I havnt eaten anything bc of undone homework! Then I will go to work… I asked sarai how she get through working from 1 30 till 9 most every weekday and she said.. just think of the money.. so I will just think of the money. Sooo… yeah the first day you don’t do much of anything anyways.. and if I do its basically stocking and pricing.. so I can handle that for 5 ½ hours anyways! Yeha.. then I will go to the barn and multitask like a bad word and then hopefully get home. Eat something. Hop in the shower and hopefully catch a certain someone online and talk to them… Oh by the way- I lost 4 pounds this week so hell yeah to water!! Yeaaaahhh!!!!

From: tell_me_tonight
2005-11-14 08:12 pm (UTC)
"Oh by the way- I lost 4 pounds this week so hell yeah to water!! Yeaaaahhh!!!!"

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[User Picture]From: appzrock1
2005-11-15 03:40 am (UTC)

wow I just reread what i wrote.... lol

THis sentence was not supposed to sound like that.... My friend kelly is going to school to be a nurse and she is taking nutrition. So she did out all of these math nutritional equations and came up with like a number for all the things i dhould be intaking.. and we also figured out an excersize routine. But!!! I also figured out tha ti was starving myself of fulids.. like i would drink my milk from breakfast my milk at lunch and thats it.... really bad habit... so i cant start aerobics untill i properly hydrate myself. so last week i started cutting out snack time.. well a little and whe i did snak i only ate fruits or veg. that plus 2 bottles goal of water a day= a success full week..
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