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its been a little while... - appzrock1 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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its been a little while... [Mar. 27th, 2006|07:43 pm]
so much has been going on...

there was a lot of drama friday night with mike and tori and me...
but im glad everything happend and turned out ok...

then saturday dakota and his mom and her two friends (one was a BITCH) came over. me and dakota and his mom ended up staying up really late untill 4 am talking... hahah mostly flirting and talking about how much of a bitch lauren was hahah... pillow fights and hitting also went on- lol over his mom!! lol to most akward to me not so much! so yeah.. i guess he was sick before hand and they almost ended up bringing him home but his mom was like "oh casey will be disapointed" and he said that he was fine.. so yeah sunday he deff. didnt feel so hot.. he slept in the car the whole banquet and i guess slept all the way home and all night and untill 1:30 this afternoon- and then he was awake but not geting up because he said that he was so dizzy he couldnt walk so ... yeah not fun and i feel bad but happy bc i guess he cared enough to come down even wheb he was sick... i proceeded to come home and "end" things with mike bc i am a one man type of woman so yeah plus i just wasnt feeling it anyways... poor mike... but what can i say i guess my heart is just in Dakota