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A trio of men... - appzrock1 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A trio of men... [Apr. 10th, 2006|07:07 pm]
So yeah just got back from band trip 06' and it was the most fun i have ever had with windsor people. as much as i thought it was going to blow- it was that good. so many interesting things happend namely with my love life. Mike was there of course so we chilled for a bit- well i was fine untill i witnessed laura and keith making out/cuddling for like 10 hours- i mean i only have so much controll- oh and my jelous side kicked in so much when mike was sitting with lane's gf and i thought that they were like cuddling and such- when really it was just him "sleeping" so i wanted to see how fast i could get him so the next stop i told him to come back with me- and he was like ok.. so we chilled- nothing much happend except for an arm around the shoulder a hand holding- so then i was like whateve- and victoria was like casey what are you doing... and i was more confused then ever. so then friday i pretty much gave him the slip and had fun with alex and victoria telling "hypothetical" conversations which was good because he hypathedically appoligized for pulling me around with the whole date thing. so saturday rolls around and i walked with mike on the beach- just walking and talking and again victoria was like casey what are you doing... and i was like i dont know- so then we went to ana musement park and i surprized myself with the rides i went on- and then we run into mike who was getting on the log ride when we were getting off so i make the whole group wait for him and then he FAMS ME SO BAD!!!! and then i was mad at him for embarrsing me and then he found us at lunch and scarfed his food and ran after me- so after some gravelling, some purchasing and showing his fish catching ablity resulting in a prize i forgave him. that night when we went back to the hotel i talked ot dakota for an hour... then we went to Dixi Stampeed which was good. and we won the Espree De Cor award which was cool- sundy we came home- i talked to D again for a bit and i swear mike was sooo attentive- he was like there- all the time. but so anyways i dont know where that is going- so then we got home. and our good bye was so funny.. i walked over to him after i got my stuff and he put his arm around me and then i saw my mom and so i turned to give him a hug good night and then he sooo wanted to kiss me and i probabley would have let him if not for my mom being about 25 ft away. so i guess i famed him with the goodbye. so today in school something else weird happend. this kid dawane told me he likes me so i was kinda surprised with that- so i dont know i have 3 guys and i dont know what i want

ok g2g the barn

[User Picture]From: slipxnxstumble
2006-08-23 02:01 pm (UTC)


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