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oh to the lj... [Dec. 1st, 2006|10:48 am]
wow. my last post... so priceless.

and the ones before that...
also priceless.

namely- me being head over heals for Dakota...
me fooling around with mike. i actually kinda feel bad about pulling him around for so long and then like changing my mind like 5 different times... but then i remeber the rest of the story after i stopped posting and i dont. lol. And hahah "this kid name dewayne came up and told me he liked me.." i so remeber that.

surprisingly didnt write anything about brendan, hmmm. that must have started up shortly there after.

so much has changed since then.
its weird. my life seemed so simple. lol.

i got into central.
im leaving ohio in 14 days.
it so weird.
everything is moving fast.

i found out this vaca i have like so many true friends here. and not there.
its safe to say some of my girls let me down this vaca. but hey! whatever right! right!!!!

thanks erin for sucking my back into this lj thing.

it was my 6 month anaversery yesterday.
go me! i mean... go us! lol.

christmas is so close.
i can taste it.

p.p.s. i love nelly furtado and her new cd.