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and i ask.... [Jan. 4th, 2007|01:25 am]
[mood |tiredtired]

I heart windsor and its "safe-ness"
It will always be just how i left it.

But I think thats a bad thing sometimes. Because really, i feel like i should still be at whs. and i find myself drawn to high school things. like this desire to go to whs any day that i dont have work, or like talking/befriending marry dalaney at work just to try to pry whs gossip out of her. (there was afight today btw) its just weird to be back here and not go there. and when i go back there i feel like i should be getting to class. and it also scares me.... no one notices im there. i mean seriously. i was in a lunch today and many security gaurds walked past and ms. shutz came by like 3 times and no onw said a word to me. do they just let anyone into the school these days.
but anyways, i need toget back to school. i need to sign up for classes...


i need to finish unpacking all my shit from school. yeah.

i need to keep going to the barn, and i am worried now that i am going to work all day the next two days that rodney is going to get pushed aside for brendan and other things. its really not fair to him.

does everyone remeber when thats all i did was horses... and me not going to the barn for 2 days straight was torture??? yeah. well i do.

what happend to me.
guess everyone has to grow up sometime.
but i will get there. plenty of time for brendan and others after rodney i suppose.


ps. where the hell is sarah. 10 bucks she never talks to me again

[User Picture]From: shadowrunner923
2007-01-05 12:31 am (UTC)
20 bucks says she talks to you, but it only results in another lecture on how old and boring you are.... come ON, casey! what did you expect... honestly?


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