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life. [Jan. 9th, 2007|12:29 am]
its kinda funny how life sucks so bad. sometimes. and if you are lucky you find someone that makes you happy sucking at life.

i dont know what has been happening to me lately.
im bitchy to people.
im tired.
i have cried!!!!!!!

its crazzzzzy man. just sad about denis. moving out of the house. we went through mimi's stuff. well some of it. a small portion. tori summed it up with "we aren't supposed to do this untill we are all grown up." its so true. i got some bears. and some jewery. its just tooo weird for me to be there. but whats weirder then being there is never being able to really go back.

so much of my life was spent there. with her.

work is work.

brendan and i got into a semi-fight/annoyance with each other today.
but then we made up. and it was the best.

and my room is finally done. unpacked. completly here.
i miss my friends from school.

im driving up to brendans swim meet tomorrow with erin. its near uconn.

my car radiator got a crack in it. so my dad is ghetto fixing it which is just fine by me.
im working sweet hours at the daycare this week. 8-230. wed. i have to go to the gyno... ewh. and take amath placement exam. and go into work for an hour... and then have lunch with BEN.

so excited.
i miss brendan.

its late and my laundry is not done yet. ewh.

tomorrow=good day
wednesday=good/bad day
thursday=good day
friday= work all day/party all night day

just a few more days then its the weekend again.